Alexandria Chen ABOUT

ALEXANDRIA CHEN is a womenswear label catering wardrobe essentials for today’s modern, independent women. Based in Singapore, the label debuted in May 2012 as part of the prestigious Parco next NEXT Fashion Incubator initiative.

ALEXANDRIA CHEN’s eponymous label started out of her dream when she was still a college student studying the sciences. She strongly desired to create unique and distinctive designs to dress strong, confident women who wanted to stand out.

Today, the ALEXANDRIA CHEN aesthetic is made up of a weave of opposing elements, mixing vibrant colours with a muted palette, fluid drapes with sculptural forms, strength with femininity.

Every collection draws from various inspirations, placing a strong focus on the cut and construction, with a keen eye for fit for the woman.

The brand vision is to provide the everyday women a wardrobe that inspires, and to empower women to be the strong 21st century individual.

Our team work with a small production team to ensure that each piece of garment is ell designed and well made to fit and flatter. By keeping our production small, we are able to ensure exclusivity and limited quantity in our designs.

We also work with corporations to create a congruent branding for their uniform needs, with experience with various corporate clients.