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Oct 2016 | Alexandria Chen

 ALEXANDRIA CHEN was first created in my mind more than 10 years ago. Back then, I haven’t decided what the label was to be called (I would never have thought that I would name it after myself, that took a lot of courage, a tinge of craziness, not to mention a hard shove from my business partner) , the look of the creations were a blank, and how to get there, was a total mystery.

Today, I stand amazed at how far the label has come, especially at the fact that we are still standing here. That itself is an amazing blessing. Over the years, the ALEXANDRIA CHEN aesthetic has evolved, but what remains the same is the desire to create well designed, unique pieces that flatter and fit.

 In the past few years that ALEXANDRIA CHEN came about, it has been quite a journey. I believe your journey in life has probably been just an amazing and I would love to know you awesome ladies better. I can be quite shy in person, which combined with my sharp features, may make me look hard to approach. Which is why, I’m starting this mini-blog- mainly because I love writing because I process my thoughts better plus I can speak as much as I want here.

Let me just start by saying ‘Thank you’ for your support. Without your support, I cannot grow the company. Without your support, I may not be able to churn out the next collection. So, a thousand, a million ‘thank you’s! It is very very much appreciated.