Immersion 2021 Week 8 (Module 5)

Time flies when you're having fun, it also slows down when you're trying the figure things out and work on the knowledge you've gained. So time has been this funny creature that morphs into different shapes the past few weeks.

A quick recap of what the Modules included ( note the list is not all inclusive):

Module 1-Introduction to Illustrator 
Art boards, keyboard shortcuts, Tools, Effects, Layers, Colouring and Palettes, Sketches

Module 2- Illustrator Mastery
Sourcing Inspiration, different ways of illustrating from sketches/photographs/watercolours, textures and brushes, deeper dive into colours in illustrator

Module 3- Repeating Patterns Pro
Types of patterns, troubleshooting a pattern, creating different types of repeats, file management and organization, workflow techniques

Module 4- Collection Creation
Gathering inspiration, designing in collections, colour palettes for collections, collection Logo, Portfolios, Mockups

Module 5- Licensing Your Art
Art licensing, ways to license, industries, art agents, contract, what to charge, promoting your work, copyright and legal insight

Above is just a quick insight and look into the Modules so far, Module 5 is a brief look into Licensing but I think mostly because Immersion is focused on the Illustrator portion of creation. If you're looking at learning more about other aspects, I would think that there are more in depth courses available for those.


Immersion Module 6 will be out tonight, ( night for me at least) and the past few weeks have been challenging. The most challenging times were the first 2 weeks when we explored Illustrator's functions and shortcuts. Even though I've used Illustrator for more than 10 years, I have still learnt so much. It's like a veil lifted off all the icons and tools in Illustrator and a proper introduction has been made.

You know how there are about 30 icons on the left side of the toolbar and you only use a few while the rest remain mysteries, at least now I know what they are for and their hidden drop downs. I still have so much to learn.

It's really like a marathon and how everyone has different ways to running the race. There are times where lessons took forever and then others felt like a breeze to go through.

Currently, I'm up to date to Module 5, but I remember being slow on the first 4 modules. I haven't watched all the Q&A Lives and the Bonuses but I'm definitely going to catch up as much as I can. Some days I go faster and others I really needed a breather because I definitely did feel a sense of overwhelm. In fact I had to take time off some group chats because I felt that my energy is all expended on the course. I personally prefer to talk one to one, so sorry friends on my Immersion group chat.

I really enjoyed Modules 3 & 4 where we started learning more about patterns and collections. I felt like I did a lot of things instinctively and knowing the technical term really helps!

I have previously been working in single pieces and any attempt to piece together a collection felt daunting and halfway through I'd feel lost and not sure which direction to bring my collection to. Right now, I'm going to give myself the permission to work on mini-collections. If it grows any larger, thats a bonus!

Also, take one day at a time. Love the subtle mind-changing methods of Bonnie where she always caught the unkind ways that we may tend to think or speak and replace it with something more nurturing and constructive.

Looking forward to module 6's drop tonight!