Immersion Course by Bonnie Christine 2021 Week 2

You know the saying, time flies when you're having fun? It really does! The interesting thing about taking Immersion is that time goes in both directions.

It feels super fast in that I can't quite believe that we're in week 3 right now and when I'm working on the lessons, sometimes I visit the garden of overwhelm (as Bonnie describes it) multiple times a lesson and need to take a break. For me, there are days I go through 2 lessons, others I whizz through and then there are days I don't touch the lessons.


Module 2 was released in Week 2 with a total of 26 Lessons with a Bonus class of Gesture drawing by Meghann Rader. The lessons were a deeper dive into week 1's Introduction. I was amazed by the number of lessons in total given that Module 1 had 24 lessons and took me a week. Module 2 took me longer.

One thing I really appreciate about Bonnie's lessons is I find that she really respects our time. Each lesson is short and precise. Most lessons are less than 10 minutes and there is nothing superfluous packed in that time. Everything is precise and to the point. Instructions are clear and examples are concise and useful.


The method I work through the lessons evolved as I kept working on it. When I first started, I took 2 hours for a lesson. Writing notes, rewinding and testing the tools and shortcuts until I get them. I find that I still tend to forget the exact shortcut after that so I decided to just keep going through the lessons and then revise the items I learnt at one go. I told myself not to expect myself to remember everything at the get-go but be ok with learning as I work on designs. Also, I started going through the videos at 1.5X speed, it helps save me some time, especially since I'll be rewinding the video and listening to the same instructions a few times either way.

The gesture class was enlightening, seeing objects broken down into shapes and lines and no longer objects. Definitely something else I want to work on and play with!

This week is Implementation week, where students get a week to implement the lessons learnt. I really wanted to complete Module 2 and start using what I've learnt so I took one day off doing any other work and just sat down for hours working through the lessons. I didn't complete it because by the end of those hours, my brain felt like it was overloaded with information and I needed time to digest the information.

I'll be going through the lessons again, writing a summary and then working on the actionable activities that I skipped previously.

If you're taking Immersion this year, how has the experience been for you so far? If not, would this be a course you'll be interested in taking?